Net Zero Carbon - what is it and why are we all talking about it?

Not a day goes by when we don’t talk about sustainability here at Panda HQ and if you love sustainability as much as we do, you’ve probably heard about Net Zero Carbon by now, but what does it actually mean?!

Lets start from the beginning…

In 2019 the UK government set a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to reach net zero emissions by 2050, sounds complicated doesn’t it – let me break it down for you..

We produce carbon every single day, its unavoidable! From washing your socks to driving your car, everything we do produces some sort of carbon. Now, the problem is we have been producing too much carbon for too long and this is causing our planet to heat up - that doesn’t just mean more days in summer to fire up the BBQ - it means extreme weather, rising sea levels and melting ice caps. It’s scary stuff but the good news is we can all work together to slow these processes down.

Net Zero Carbon basically means we need to eliminate all avoidable emissions from our operations, and offset those pesky emissions that are just too difficult to avoid. The emissions that we do create, we must offset and when we reach the sweet spot in the middle of Carbon Out = Carbon in, we will have achieved Net Zero Carbon – hurray!

So how can we offset emissions and remove carbon from the atmosphere? Here’s a few examples of the types of projects you can fund to support carbon removal:

  • Planting more trees (and bamboo too!) to absorb CO2 and release oxygen
  • Better management of existing forests
  • Protection of wetlands such as mangroves and seagrass beds
  • Carbon capture and storage – okay things are getting a little bit technical now but this basically means we capture CO2 before it gets released into the atmosphere and store it underground where it cannot be released (I told you, technical)

The road to Net Zero Carbon will be a challenge for us all, but what’s important is that we all work together to achieve this goal as its vital for future generations, here at The Cheeky Panda we are proud to be working towards a Net Zero future and striving for ways we can become better as a business.

With love, 

The Cheeky Panda 

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