Earth, Ocean & People Update

Earth, Ocean & People Update

Hello you lovely lot.

It’s been three months since we launched our ‘Earth, Ocean & People’ initiative, supporting three charities we think do an amazing job for protecting the planet.

In case you’ve forgotten what it is, here’s a link to the video, explaining everything:

But it’s easy for anyone to say they’re supporting charities, what have we actually been doing?

Good job we have a blog to explain, isn’t it?


Team Earth

Supporting World Land Trust and their dedication to protecting trees and the rainforest, Team Earth were set to join a Winter Walk to support the charity.

However, due to multiple delays, this will now be a Summer Walk, taking place in June. Members of Team Earth will be strolling in aid of sustainability, supporting WLT and donating the £500 raised from our ‘Plant a Tree For Free’ social campaign.

WLT will use the money to plant trees for the first 100 people who commented on our Instagram post, as part of their ‘Plant a Tree’ initiative. Once Team Earth has (hopefully) crossed the finish line, the money raised will be sent to plant trees on behalf of our customers.

Keep up to date with Team Earth’s progress on our social channels – you never know, you might just see a grown man shout ‘I can’t walk anymore!’ dressed as a panda. You wouldn’t want to miss that, would you?


Team Ocean

This sea-themed team are supporting Whale and Dolphin Conservation, helping them to protect vulnerable marine life.

Team Ocean are currently walking the length of the top ten longest beaches in the world, which is around 1070 km. Not in real-life, of course, but using apps on their phones to log their steps to reach the equivalent distance. Walking on that much sand would not be good for their knees.

​For every 200km the team reaches, they will raise £100, with the hope of raising £500 for WDC to aid their efforts.


They’ve even got our youngest Cheeky Panda Leo involved!

​April 14th also marks World Dolphin Day, and to mark the occasion, 10% of every sale made on Cheeky Panda will go towards Whale and Dolphin Conservation. So, make sure you need some loo roll for then! 

Not only that, but Cheeky Panda’s adopted dolphin Rainbow has just had a baby! So, keep your eyes peeled for some adorable baby dolphin pictures on our socials. You dolphin-ately don’t want to miss it! (sorry).

There is also some top-secret craftmanship going on behind the scenes that we can’t talk about yet. Let’s just say Team Ocean have been whale-y busy with their hands (sorry again). 


Team People

The wonderfully fit Team People have run, cycled and swam to Uganda! Not literally, of course, that’d be wild. And you probably wouldn’t be reading about it for the first time on this blog. 

Team People used a clever app to track their exercise progress in order to reach the equivalent distance from London to Uganda collectively through their fitness efforts. That’s approximately 6,352 km (3,947 miles), so they’ve really shed the calories for a good cause. Also, the exact location is super special because it’s the site of the first toilet Cheeky Panda twinned as a company!

 Here's one of our Cheeky Pandas Emily doing her bit. What a legend!

In total, the campaign has raised enough money to twin 10 toilets. Toilet Twinning is helping to transform lives in some of the poorest places on the planet. Through the charity, vulnerable households will:

  • Learn about the importance of sanitation and hygiene
  • Build their own loo
  • Gain access to clean water
  • Enjoy better health
  • And take a massive step out of generational poverty!

This is the first toilet(s) which Team People have managed to twin as a team! So, if you see a member of the team in the street, give them a (socially distant, not-actually-touching) high five!

There you have it, after three short months, we’ve done all of this for our chosen charities. Imagine what we’ll do in the next three?!

You don’t need to, because there will most likely be an update on this blog. Keep your eyes peeled.

Support our Earth, Ocean & People initiative by liking & sharing our content on our social media channels and get involved when you can! We couldn’t do it without you.



Team Cheeky Panda x


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